RSM Series; Remote Site Managers - User’s Guide
5.5. User Accounts
Prior to accessing command mode or establishing a Telnet Direct Connection,
you will be prompted to enter a username (login) and password. The username
and password entered at login determine which port(s) you will be allowed
to connect and what type of commands you will be allowed to execute. Each
username / password combination is defined within a "user account."
The RSM allows up to 128 user accounts; each account includes a username,
password, security level, port access rights, and an optional callback number.
5.5.1. Supervisor Access
In order to protect access to important command functions, the RSM
allows you to enable or disable Supervisor commands for specific accounts.
Accounts that have Supervisor Access enabled, will be allowed access to all
configuration menus, review all status screens, and connect to any RSM
RS232 port.
When Supervisor Access is disabled, the account will be blocked from
changing configuration parameters, access to status screens will be restricted,
and the user will only be able to connect to ports specifically allowed by that
Note that in the default state, the RSM includes one predefined user account
that provides access to Supervisor commands and allows connections with
any RSM RS232 port. The default username for this account is "super"
(lowercase, no quotation marks), and the password for the account
is also "super".
In order to ensure security, it is recommended that when initially
setting up the unit, you should either change the username and
password for the default "super" user account, or preferably, a new
user account with Supervisor access should be created, and the
"super" account should then be deleted.
If the RSM is reset to default parameters, all user accounts will be
cleared, and the default "super" account will be restored.
If Supervisor commands are disabled at a given port, then accounts
that permit Supervisor commands will not be able to access
command mode via that port.
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