Confi guration
The Invalid Access menus allow you to select the following:
Lockout Enable: Enables/Disables the Invalid Access Lockout feature.
(Default = On.)
Lockout Attempts: The number of invalid attempts required to activate
the Invalid Access Lockout feature. (Default = 9.)
Lockout Duration: The length of time ports will remain locked when
an Invalid Access Lockout occurs. If the duration is set at "Infinite", then
ports will remained locked until the /UL command is issued. (Default =
30 Minutes.)
5.4.3. The Audit Log
This feature allows you to create a record of command activity at all RSM
ports. Audit Log records will include the time, date, username, and a brief
description of each logged event (e.g., Connect, Login, etc.) The Audit Log
is enabled and configured via the System Parameters Menus as described in
Section 5.4.
The System Parameters Menus includes three different options for Audit Log
configuration; Off (Audit Log disabled), "On with Syslog" and "On without
Syslog." When "On with Syslog" is selected, each individual Audit Log record
will be sent out to the user-defined Syslog IP Address as a Syslog message at
the time that it is generated. The Syslog IP Address is defined via the Network
Parameters Menu, as described in Section 5.7.3.
To read or erase the Audit Log, access command mode (via the Text Interface,)
using an account and port that permit Supervisor commands, type /A s, press
[Enter] (where s is an optional text string that you wish to search for,) and
follow the instructions in the resulting submenu. When the s (search string)
option is included, the /A command will return only those records that match
the selected search string.
The RSM dedicates a fixed amount of internal memory for Audit
Log records, and if log records are allowed to accumulate until this
memory is filled, memory will eventually "wrap around," and older
records will be overwritten by newer records.
The Audit Log cannot be viewed via the Web Browser Interface.
When the s option is used to search for all records that contain a
specific text string, the Delete function will still delete all Audit Log
records; the Delete function is not limited to the records that are
currently displayed on screen.
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