Confi guration
NTP Enable: When enabled, the RSM will contact an NTP server
(defined via the NTP IP Address prompts) once a day, and update its clock
based on the NTP server time and selected Time Zone. (Default = Off.)
The RSM will also contact the NTP server and update the time
whenever you change NTP parameters.
To command the RSM to immediately contact the NTP server at any
time, make certain that the NTP feature is enabled and configured,
then type /F and press [Enter]. When the System Parameters
menu appears, press [Esc]. The RSM will save parameters and then
attempt to contact the server, as specified by currently defined NTP
Primary NTP IP Address: Defines the IP address for the primary NTP
server. (Default = undefined.)
Secondary NTP IP Address: Defines the IP address for the secondary,
fallback NTP Server. (Default = undefined.)
NTP Timeout: The amount of time in seconds, that will elapse between
each attempt to contact the NTP server. When the initial attempt is
unsuccessful, the RSM will retry the connection four times. If neither the
primary nor secondary NTP server responds, the RSM will wait 24 hours
before attempting to contact the NTP server again. (Default = 3 Seconds.)
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