Confi guration
5.4. Defining System Parameters
The System Parameters menus are used to define the Site ID Message, set the
system clock and calendar, and configure the Invalid Access Lockout feature
and Callback feature.
In the Text Interface, the System Parameters menu is also used to create and
manage user accounts and passwords. Note however, that when you are
communicating with the unit via the Web Browser Interface, accounts and
passwords are managed and created via a separate menu that is accessed by
clicking on the "Users" link on the left hand side of the menu.
Text Interface: Type /F and press [Enter]. The System Parameters
Menu will appear as shown in Figure 5.3.
Web Browser Interface: Click the "System Properties" link on the left
hand side of the RSM Home Screen. The System Parameters menu will
be displayed as shown in Figure 5.4.
The System Parameters Menus are used to define the following:
User Directory: This function is used to create, modify and delete user
accounts and passwords. As discussed in Section 5.6, user accounts allow
you to set the security level for each password as well as determine which
ports a user will be allowed to access.
Note: The "User Directory" option does not appear in the Web
Browser Interface’s System Parameters menu, and is instead, accessed
via the "Users" link on the left hand side of each configuration menu.
Site ID: A text field, generally used to note the installation site or name
for the RSM unit. (Up to 32 chars.; Default = undefined.)
The Site ID cannot include double quotes.
The Site ID will be cleared if the RSM is reset to default settings.
Real Time Clock: This prompt provides access to the Real Time Clock
menu, which is used to set the clock and calendar, and to enable and
configure the NTP (Network Time Protocol) feature as described in
Section 5.4.1.
Invalid Access Lockout: If desired, this feature can be used to
automatically disable an RSM serial port after a user specified number of
unsuccessful login attempts are made. For more information, please refer
to Section 5.4.2.
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