Confi guration
5.2. System SetUp Ports
Serial Ports 1 and 2 are reserved as SetUp Ports, and will always permit
password protected access to Supervisor commands. Therefore, Ports 1 and
2 cannot be configured as Buffer Mode Port or Passive Mode Ports, because
these port modes do not permit access to command mode. In addition, the
Supervisor Mode cannot be disabled at Ports 1 and 2.
5.3. Configuration Menus
Although the Web Browser Interface and Text Interface provide two separate
means for selecting parameters, both interfaces allow access to the same set of
basic parameters, and parameters selected via one interface will also be applied
to the other. To access the configuration menus, proceed as follows:
Text Interface: Refer to the Help Screen (/H) and then enter
the appropriate command to access the desired menu. When the
configuration menu appears, key in the number for the parameter you
wish to define, and follow the instructions in the resulting submenu.
Web Browser Interface: Click the appropriate button on the left hand
side of the Home Screen (Figure 5.2) to access the desired configuration
menu. To change parameters, click in the desired field and key in the new
value or select a value from the pull-down menu. To apply newly selected
parameters, click on the "Change Parameters" button at the bottom of the
menu or the "Set" button next to the field.
The following sections describe options and parameters that can be accessed
via each of the configuration menus. Please note that essentially the same set
of parameters and options are available to both the Web Browser Interface and
Text Interface.
Note: Configuration menus are only available when you have logged
into command mode using a password and port that permit Supervisor
Level commands.
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