Unit Description
2.2. Back Panel
As shown in Figures 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4, the RSM Back Panel includes the
following components:
Phone Line Port: For connection to your external phone line.
Network Port: An RJ45 Ethernet port for connection to your
10/100Base-T, TCP/IP network. Note that the RSM features a default
IP address ( This allows you to connect to the unit
without first assigning an IP address. Note that the Network Port also
includes two, small LED indicators for Link and Data Activity. For more
information on Network Port configuration, please refer to Section 5.7.3.
RS232 Serial Ports: For connection to console ports on target devices.
Standard DB9 connectors configured as DTE ports. The RS232 ports
are similar to a serial port on a PC. When connecting a modem, use a
standard serial cable. When connecting a PC or other DTE device use a
null modem cable.
RSM-8 units include 8 Serial Ports.
RSM-16 and RSM-16DC units include 16 Serial Ports.
RSM-32 and RSM-32DC units include 32 Serial Ports.
Power Inlet: An IEC-320-C14 inlet, for connection to your 100 to 240
VAC power supply. Note that RSM-16DC and RSM-32DC units
(-48 VDC powered models) include a terminal block assembly
(see Figure 4.1) in place of the power inlet. For more information,
please refer to Section 4.1.
Power On/Off Switch
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