Command Reference Guide
/W Display Port Parameters (Who)
Displays configuration information for an individual port, but does not allow
the user to change parameters. Accounts that do not permit Supervisor
commands can only display parameters for their resident port. For more
information, please refer to Section 6.4.
Availability: Supervisor / Non-Supervisor
Format: /W [x] [Enter]
Where x is the port number or name. To display parameters for the Network
Port, enter an "N". If the "x" argument is omitted, parameters for your
resident port will be displayed.
Response: Displays port parameters.
Example: To display parameters for a port named "SERVER", access the
Command Mode from a port and account that permits Supervisor commands,
and type /W SERVER [Enter].
/X Exit Command Mode
Exits command mode. When issued at the Net Port, also ends the Telnet
session. Note that exiting from command mode will not terminate port
Any-to-Any Mode: Exits command mode.
Modem Mode: Disconnects and resets modem, hang-up message is sent,
hardware line to modem drops for 500 ms, and reset message is sent.
Availability: Supervisor / Non-Supervisor
Format: /X [Enter]
Response: Disconnected.
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