RSM Series; Remote Site Managers - User’s Guide
/P Set RS232 Port Parameters
Displays a series of menus used to select options and parameters for the RS232
ports. Note that all functions provided by the /P command are also available
via the Web Browser Interface in the "Serial Port" menu. Section 5.7.2
describes the procedure for defining port parameters.
Availability: Supervisor Only
Format: /P [x] [Enter]
Where x is the number or name of the port to be configured. If the port
number/name is not specified, the RSM will display the configuration menu
for your resident port.
Response: The Port Parameters Menu is displayed.
/PW Change Password
When enabled, the /PW command can be invoked by a user/account in order
to change their own password. Note that the /PW command can be enabled/
disabled via the System Parameters command as described in Section 5.4, and
that once a given password has been changed, accounts with Supervisor Level
access can still employ the "Modify User" function to change the password.
Availability: Supervisor / Non-Supervisor
Format: /PW [Enter]
Response: Displays the Change Password Menu.
/R Read Buffer
Reads from Buffer Mode ports as described in Section 7.3.1. Note that when
the /R command is invoked, the counter for the SNMP Traps function will also
be reset.
Availability: Supervisor / Non-Supervisor
Format: /R <n> [Enter]
Where n is the number or name of the port buffer to be read.
Response: The Read Buffer Menu is displayed.
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