RSM Series; Remote Site Managers - User’s Guide
/C Connect
Establishes a bidirectional connection between two ports. For more
information, see Section 7.1. There are two types of connections:
Resident Connect: If the /C command specifies only one port, your
resident port will be connected to the specified port.
Third Party Connect: If the /C command specifies two ports, the unit
will connect the two ports indicated. Third Party Connections can only be
initiated by ports and accounts that permit Supervisor commands.
If your user account does not permit Supervisor commands, you
will only be allowed to connect to ports specifically allowed by that
If the user account permits Supervisor commands, you are allowed
to connect to any port.
RS232 Ports are not allowed to create a Third Party connection to
the Network Port. For example, Port 1 cannot connect Port 3 to the
Network Port.
Availability: Supervisor / Non-Supervisor
Format: /C <x> [x] [Enter]
Where x is the number or name of the port(s) to be connected.
Verbose: "Connected xx." When a Resident Connection is initiated, the
RSM will also display the Resident Disconnect Sequence.
Terse: 1
/CP Copy RS232 Port Parameters
Allows quick set-up when several RS232 ports will be configured with similar
parameters. When the /CP command is invoked, the RSM will display a menu
that can be used to copy parameters to RS232 ports. For more information and
other command options, please refer to Section 5.8.
Availability: Supervisor Only
Format: /CP [Enter]
Response: Displays Copy Parameters Menu.
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