RSM Series; Remote Site Managers - User’s Guide
13.2. Command Summary
Command Syntax
Command Availability
Supervisor Non-Super.
Resident Disconnect^X X X
Display Audit Log /A [search text] [Enter] X
Connect /C <x> [x] [Enter] XX
Copy RS232 Port Parameters /CP [Enter]
/CP [x,y,z] [Enter]
/CP [x-z] [Enter]
Third Party Disconnect/D[/Y] <x> [x] [Enter]
/D[/Y] * [Enter]
/D Nn [Enter]
Erase Buffer /E[/Y] <x> [x] [Enter]
/E[/Y] * [Enter]
Set System Parameters /F [Enter] X
Help Menu /H [Enter] X X
Reboot System (Default) /I [Enter] X
Display Site ID /J [Enter] X X
Send SSH Keys /K <k> [Enter] X
Set Network Port Parameters /N [Enter] X
Set Serial Port Parameters /P <x> [Enter] X
Set Password/PW [Enter] X X
Read Buffer /R <n> [Enter] X X
Display Port Status /S [Enter] XX
Display Port Diagnostics /SD [Enter] XX
Display Network Status /SN [Enter] X
Test Network Options /TEST [Enter] X
Send Parameter File /U [Enter] X
Upgrade Firmware /UF [Enter] X
Unlock Port (Invalid Access) /UL [Enter] X
Display Port Parameters (Who) /W [n] [Enter] XX
Exit Command Mode /X [Enter] X X
Resident Disconnect: Disconnects your resident port from another port. The disconnect
sequence can be redefined via the Port Configuration Menus.
A User Port cannot perform a Third Party Connect.
Third Party Disconnect: Disconnects two or more nonresident ports. Must be issued from a
third port with Supervisor command capability.
Disconnects a TCP Port, where Nn is the desired RSM TCP Port.
If desired, The /PW can be disabled via the System Parameters Menu.
Supervisor Mode displays parameters for all ports; User Mode only displays parameters for
ports allowed by the Port Password.
A port or account that does not permit Supervisor commands cannot view parameters for other
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