The actual impedance load the HDL-4 presents to your
receiver or amplifier will vary, depending on how many
speaker pairs are playing, and the im pedance rating of each
speaker. If you have four pairs of 8-ohm speakers playing, the
HDL-4 will present a 4.5 ohm impedance load to your receiv-
er/ amplifier. With four pairs of 4-ohm speakers playing, the
load drops to slightly under 4 ohm s.
If you intend to use the HDL-4 with more than two pairs of
4-ohm speakers, it is recom mended that you verify that the
receiver or amplifier is capable of driving a 4-ohm load. Consult
your Niles dealer, or receiver/ amplifier manufacturer, if you are
uncertain about the capabilities of the receiver/ amplifier.
Type of Speaker Wire
For most applications, we recomm end you use 16 or 18 gauge,
stranded copper speaker wire for the HDL-4 connections. For
wiring runs longer than 80 feet, 14 gauge wire is recommend-
ed. Using speaker wire larger than 14 gauge for the HDL-4
connections is not recommended the wire may not fit into
the connectors. Never use solid-core, aluminum, or "Romex"
type wire with the HDL-4. When running speaker wires inside
walls, most states and m unicipalities in the U.S. specify that
you must use a special type of speaker wire. Usually, the
requirement is that the wire has a specific "CL" fire rating, such
as "CL-2" or "CL-3". Consult your Niles dealer, building contrac-
tor, or local building and inspection departm ent if unsure
about which type of wire is best for your application.
Wire size is
expressed by it's
AWG (American
Wire Gauge)
number. The lower
the AWG number,
the larger the
i.e., 12 AWG wire is
physically larger
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