4. Operation
The PC or controlling device connected to the Control Port must send ASCII characters at the
same data rate as the unit. The unit accepts 8 bits/no parity or 7 bits even or odd parity, but
will always answer back at 8 bits, no parity.
The RPB-115 will respond with "RPB-115 Ready" approximately 8 seconds after the unit is
powered up. If the RPB-115 is connected to a modem, the "RPB-115 Ready" message will be
sent approximately 8 seconds after carrier is established. This message indicates that the RPB-
115 is ready to receive commands.
The command character string consists of eight contiguous characters. The first 6 characters
are ASCII control codes, the seventh is the operation code followed by a Carriage Return.
^B^X^X^B^X^Xn^M (^= Control Code)
n=0No action, unit test. Unit sends "RPB OK" <CR>/<LF> to indicate proper
operation. (unless dip switch is set for quiet mode)
n=1-5Toggles Power (off/on) on selected outlet. Unit sends "Plug n Off" <CR>/<LF>
"Plug n On" <CR>/<LF> (unless dip switch is set for quiet mode)
n=9Reboot All. Toggles Power (off/on) on all plugs. Unit sends
"Plug n Off" <CR>/<LF>, "Plug n On" <CR>/<LF>
(unless dip switch is set for quiet mode)
^M Is the ASCII code for a carriage return
For example, the command ^B^X^X^B^X^X3^M would be used to toggle the power to AC
outlet number 3.
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