3.3. Dip Switch Settings
The bank of dip switches on the back of the unit is used to set the communication speed and
various options. The unit is transparent to parity and will accept 7 or 8 bit characters.
Off Time
Switch 3 is used to select the "Off Time" or reboot cycle duration. When a reboot cycle is
initiated, the "Off Time" feature determines the length of time that the device will remain off
before power is restored.
Quiet Mode
When Switch 4 is set in the "Up" position to enable the Quiet Mode, the unit will suppress all
status messages that are normally sent from the RPB-115.
Down Down 9600
Up Down 2400
Down Up 1200
Up Up 300
Switch Function Up Down
3Off Time 5 Sec. 2 Sec.
4Quiet Mode Yes No
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RPB-115 - Remote Power Boot Switch , User's Guide Installation
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