3. Installation
3.1. Control Port Connection
The Control Section, located on the rear panel, consists of a 9 pin male connector and an RJ11
jack. The 9 pin male connector is labeled "RS232" and the RJ11 jack is labeled "CPM". Use
either of these inputs to connect to the controlling device. Figure 3 below shows interface
schematics for both connectors. Figure 4, on the following page, summarizes the cable layout
for a typical RPB-115 installation.
RS232 Port
This DB9 connector is wired in a DTE configuration similar to that of an AT computer. Use
standard AT to Modem cable to connect directly to a modem.
CPM Port
This RJ11 jack is wired to connect directly to the RJ11 jack on various WTI equipment,
including the CPM-1600 Control Port Manager and the INCS-64 Data Switch. Use a 6
conductor straight wired RJ11 cable such as WTI P/N AC-LL.
Note: Do not connect to both the RS232 Port and the CPM Port at the same time.
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Figure 3 : RS-232 Interface Schematics
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