1. Introduction
The RPB-115 Remote Power Boot Switch provides a convenient means to reboot AC powered
devices from a remote location. When a peripheral device locks up, the RPB-115 can be used
reset the device by toggling AC power On and Off, regardless of where the device is located.
This eliminates the need for the device to be manually rebooted by on-site personnel. When
the appropriate command is sent to the RPB-115, the boot switch will toggle the AC power to
five separate devices connected to the ports on the back of the unit.
The RPB-115's RS-232 Control Port will accept ASCII character command strings to select the
desired port and initiate the reboot routine. The RPB-115 can either be connected directly to a
control device such as a PC or WTI's CPM-1600 Control Port Manager, or connected to a
modem and controlled from a remote location. The "RPB OK" response feature can be used to
verify proper communication with the command device, assuring the user that commands have
been received and enacted.
A bank of dip switches allows the user to define the duration of the reset cycle, enable or
disable the Quiet Mode, and select the appropriate baud rate for communication with the unit.
·Remotely toggles AC power to five separate outlets.
·Serial RS-232 control port can interface directly with a PC or with WTI's CPM-1600
Control Port Manager.
·RJ11 connector allows control via modem.
·User selectable reboot cycle duration (TIME OFF).
·User selectable Quiet Mode to suppress status messages from the unit.
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