2R150 PLUS/300 PLUS/500 PLUS
E n g l i s h
Please take a few minutes to read this manual to familiarize yourself with important information regarding
installation, product features, and operation.
As with most electronic devices, ORIGINAL PACKAGING (OR EQUAL) IS REQUIRED in the unlikely event that
the product needs to be returned for servicing.
Short Form Instructions
1. Do not connect the AC power until step 6. The POWER switch should be in the OFF position.
2. Adjust both of the LEVEL controls to the fully attenuated position (turn counter-clockwise).
3. Connect an appropriate line level input signal to either the balanced XLR or the balanced 1/4" TRS (Tip-Ring-
Sleeve) connector marked INPUTS.
4. Move the MODE selector to the desired position. The Stereo position is the most common.
5. Connect the OUTPUTS to the speaker load according to the mode of operation determined in the previous step.
6. With the power switch in the OFF position, plug in the supplied Universal AC power cord to the product and
an appropriate AC source.
7. Depress the power switch to the ON position. The power switch will illuminate.
8. The product is ready for operation. Slowly increase the LEVEL control to the desired operating level. Avoid
illuminating the PEAK indicator and do not apply too much power to the speakers.
9. Operate the product and the system in a manner which DOES NOT illuminate the PEAK warning indicator.
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