Alarm Configuration
• AlarmSetThreshold: The trigger level for this alarm. When temperature exceeds
the Alarm Set Threshold, the RPC can send an alarm (if enabled) and/or begin
Load Shedding (if enabled.) For more information on Load Shedding for the Over
• AlarmClearThreshold: Determines how low the temperature must drop in order
for the Alarm condition to be cancelled and for Load Shedding (if enabled) to occur.
For more information on Load Shedding for the Over Temperature Alarm, please
• ResendDelay: Determines how long the RPC will wait to resend an email
message generated by this alarm, when the initial attempt to send notification was
• NotifyUponClear: When this item is enabled, the RPC will send additional
notification when the situation that caused the alarm has been corrected. For
example, when Notify Upon Clear is enabled, the RPC will send initial notification
when it detects that the temperature has exceeded the trigger value, and then send
a second notification when it determines that the temperature has fallen below the
• EmailMessage:Enables/Disablesemailnotificationforthisalarm.(Default=On.)
• Address1,2,and3: These parameters are used to select which of the three email
addresses, defined via the "Email Messages" menu (see Section 6.8.10,) will receive
the email alarm notification messages generated by this alarm. The Address
parameters can be used to select one, or any combination of the addresses defined
parameters will list the current, user defined email addresses.
• Subject: This parameter is used to define the text that will appear in the "Subject"
Over Temperature (Initial)" or "Alarm: Over Temperature (Critical)".)
• LoadShedding: Provides access to a submenu, which is used to configure
and enable the Load Shedding feature for the Over Temperature alarms. When
Load Shedding is enabled and properly configured, the RPC will switch specific,
user-selected circuits On or Off whenever the temperature exceeds the Alarm Set
Threshold value. If the Auto Recovery feature is enabled, the RPC can also return
these user-selected circuits to their prior status, when the temperature falls below
the Alarm Clear Threshold value. For more information on the Load Shedding
Feature and Auto Recovery, please refer to Section 8.1.1.
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