Alarm Configuration
8.1. The Over Temperature Alarms
The Over Temperature Alarms are designed to inform you when the temperature level
inside your equipment rack reaches or exceeds certain user-defined levels. There
are two separate Over Temperature Alarms; the Initial Threshold alarm and the Critical
Threshold Alarm.
Typically, the Initial Threshold alarm is used to notify you when the temperature within
your equipment rack reaches a point where you might want to investigate it, whereas the
Critical Threshold alarm is used to notify you when the temperature approaches a level
that may harm equipment or inhibit performance. The trigger for the Initial Threshold
alarm is generally set lower than the Critical Threshold alarm.
If the user-defined trigger levels for temperature are exceeded, the RPC can
automatically shut off power to non-essential devices ("Load Shedding") in order to
reduce the amount of temperature that is being generated within the rack. In addition,
the Load Shedding feature can also be used to switch On additional components, such
as fans or cooling systems in order to dissipate the excess heat. After Load Shedding
has taken place, the Load Shedding Recovery feature can be used to return circuits to
their previous state after the temperature drops to an acceptable level.
• InorderfortheunittoprovidealarmnotificationviaEmail,communication
• InorderfortheunittoprovidealarmnotificationviaSyslogMessage,Syslog
• InorderfortheunittoprovidealarmnotificationviaSNMPTrap,SNMP
To configure the Over Temperature Alarms, access the RPC command mode using
a password that permits Administrator Level commands, and then use the Alarm
Configuration menu to select the desired alarm feature.
Both the Initial Threshold menus and Critical Threshold menus offer essentially the
same parameters, but the parameters defined for each alarm are separate. Therefore,
parameters defined for the Critical Threshold Alarm will not be applied to the Initial
Threshold Alarm and vice versa. Both the Over Temperature (Initial Threshold) alarm
and the Over Temperature (Critical Threshold) alarm offer the following parameters:
• TriggerEnable: Enables/Disables the trigger for this alarm. When Disabled, this
• Tocancelanalarmwithoutcorrectingtheconditionthatcausedthealarm,
• TheTriggerEnable,NotifyonClear,EmailMessageandAddress1,2and3
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