Reboot Options
7.2. Scheduled Reboot
The Scheduled Reboot feature can be used to reboot one or more circuits according to
a user-defined schedule, or to automatically turn circuits Off and then On according to a
user defined schedule.
In order to configure a Scheduled Reboot, you must access command mode using a
password that permits access to Administrator level commands. In the Text Interface,
the Scheduled Reboot configuration menu is accessed via the Reboot Options menu
(/RB). In the Web Browser Interface, the Scheduled Reboot configuration menu is
accessed via the Reboot Options link. The Scheduled Reboot configuration menu can
be used to Add, Modify, View or Delete Scheduled Reboot functions.
command prompt.
7.2.1. Adding Scheduled Reboots
The RPC allows up to 54 Scheduled Reboots to be defined. The Add Scheduled
Reboot menu allows you to define the following parameters for each new Scheduled
• ScheduledRebootName: Assigns a name to this Scheduled Reboot.
• CircuitAction: Determines whether the Scheduled Reboot will result in the
circuit(s) being switched Off, or cycled Off and then On again (Reboot.) Note that
when "Off" is selected, the "Day On" option and the "Time On" option can be used to
select a time and day when the circuit(s) will be switched back On again.
• Time: Determines the time of the day that this Scheduled Reboot will occur on.
• DayAccess: This prompt provides access to a submenu which is used to
determine which day(s) of the week this Scheduled Reboot will be performed. The
Day Access parameter can also be used to schedule a daily reboot; to schedule
a daily reboot, use the Day Access submenu to select every day of the week.
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