7. Reboot Options
In addition to performing reboot cycles in response to commands, the RPC can also be
configured to automatically reboot circuits when an attached device does not respond
to a Ping command (Ping-No-Answer Reboot) or according to a user defined schedule
(Scheduled Reboot.)
• Ping-No-AnswerReboot: When the Ping-No-Answer feature is enabled, the RPC
will Ping a user selected IP address at regular intervals. If the IP address does
not respond to the Ping command, the RPC will reboot one or more user selected
circuit(s). Typically, this feature is used to reboot devices when they cease to
respond to the Ping command.
• ScheduledReboot: A scheduled reboot is used to initiate a reboot cycle at a user
selected time and day of the week. When properly configured and enabled, the
RPC will reboot one or more circuits on a daily or weekly basis. The Scheduled
Reboot feature can also be used to switch circuit(s) Off at a user selected time, and
then switch them back On again at a later, user selected time.
This section describes the procedure for configuring and enabling Ping-No-Answer
Reboots and Scheduled Reboots.
the [Esc]keytocompletelyexitfromtheconfigurationmenusandsavenewly
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