Configuration Options
6.9. Save User Selected Parameters
It is strongly recommended to save all user-defined parameters to an ASCII file as
described in Section 15. This will allow quick recovery in the event of accidental
deletion or reconfiguration of port parameters.
When changing configuration parameters via the Text Interface, make certain that the
RPC has saved the newly defined parameters before exiting from command mode.
To save parameters, press the [Esc] key several times until you have exited from all
configuration menus and the RPC displays the "Saving Configuration" menu and the
cursor returns to the command prompt. If newly defined configuration parameters
are not saved prior to exiting from command mode, then the RPC will revert to the
previously saved configuration after you exit from command mode.
6.9.1. Restore Configuration
If you make a mistake while configuring the RPC unit, and wish to return to the
previously saved parameters, the Text Interface's "Reboot System" command (/I) offers
the option to reinitialize the unit using previously backed up parameters. This allows
you to reset the unit to previously saved parameters, even after you have changed
parameters and saved them.
• TheRPCwillautomaticallybackupsavedparametersonceaday,shortlyafter
• Whenthe/Icommandisinvoked,asubmenuwillbedisplayedwhichoffers
and saved unit parameters.
• Ifthedailyautomaticconfigurationbackuphasbeentriggeredsincethe
been overwritten by newer, incorrect parameters, then this function will not
To restore the previously saved configuration, proceed as follows:
1. Access command move via the Text Interface, using a username/password that
permits access to Administrator level commands (see Section 5.1.2.)
2. At the RPC command prompt, type /I and press [Enter]. The RPC will display a
submenu that offers several different reboot options.
3. At the submenu, choose Item 5 (Reboot & Restore Last Known Working
Configuration. Key in the number for the desired option, and then press [Enter].
4. The RPC will reboot and previously saved parameters will be restored.
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