1. Introduction
Electronic equipment sometimes "locks-up," requiring a service call just to flip the
power switch to perform a simple reboot. RPC Series Heavy Duty Remote DC Power
Controllers give you the ability to perform this function from anywhere, just point your
browser to the RPC’s IP address, enter the secure password, and you’re just a click
away from remote power and reboot control!
Intelligent Power Control
The RPC can be configured and operated via local console port, Web, SSL, SSH,
SNMP or Telnet. In situations where a network connection is unavailable, users can also
establish and out of band connection with the RPC using an external modem and basic
VT100 type terminal emulation.
Security and Co-Location Features:
Secure Shell (SSHv2) encryption and address-specific IP security masks help to prevent
unauthorized access to command and configuration functions.
The RPC provides four different levels of security for user accounts: Administrator,
SuperUser, User and ViewOnly. The Administrator level provides complete access
to all circuit control functions, operating features and configuration menus. The
SuperUser level allows switching and rebooting of all circuits but does not allow access
to configuration functions. The User level allows access to only a select group of
Administrator-defined circuits. The ViewOnly level allows you to check circuit status
and unit status, but does not allow switching or rebooting of circuits or access to
configuration menus.
The RPC is compatible with popular remote authentication protocols such as LDAP,
Kerberos, TACACS+ and Radius. In addition, the RPC also supports MIB commands,
and operation and configuration via SNMP.
Easy to Configure, Easy to Use
The RPC can be configured via network, modem, or locally via serial Console Port.
Simple, user-friendly commands are employed to assign configuration parameters,
enable alarm features and view unit status. Circuits can be switched On, Off, or
rebooted using simple ASCII commands or user-friendly Web based menus.
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