Configuration Options
6.8.3. Static Route
The Static Route menu allows you to define Linux routing commands that will be
automatically executed each time that a user accesses command mode via the
corresponding Network Port or optional Cellular Modem Port.
6.8.4. DNS Services
The DNS option is used to define DNS and DDNS parameters. In the Network
Configuration menu, the DNS option can be used to access either the DNS Parameters
menu or the DDNS parameters menu. DNS Parameters
The DNS Parameters menu is used to select IPv4 or IPv6 format IP addresses for
Domain Name Servers. When web and network addresses are entered, the Domain
Name Server interprets domain names (e.g., www.wti.com), and translates them into
IP addresses. Note that if you don't define at least one DNS server, then IP addresses
must be used, rather than domain names. Note that parameters defined via this menu
will be applied to both IPv4 and IPv6 communication.
The Domain Name Server menu includes a Ping Test feature that allows you to ping the
IP addresses for each user-defined domain name server in order to check that a valid IP
address has been entered.
mustbeconfiguredtoallowpingcommands. DDNS Parameters
The DDNS Parameters menu is used to select parameters and define hosts for Dynamic
DNS services. The DDNS Parameters menu includes the following parameters::
• Services: This item is used to set the service type to either Dyn or None.
 (Default=None)
• HostName:TheIPAddressfortheDDNSService.(Default=undefined)
• Username:(Default=undefined)
• Password:(Default=undefined)
• MaximumUpdateTimes: Determines how often the RPC will ping the DDNS host
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