Configuration Options
• PingAccess: Configures the RPC's response to ping commands. Ping Access
can be set to block all ping commands, allow all ping commands or only accept
ping commands from user specified IP addresses (Limited.) When the "Limited"
option is selected, up to four permitted IP address can be defined via the submenu.
Note that disabling Ping Access at the Network Port will not effect the operation of
• MultipleLogins: (Text Interface Only) If the RPC is installed in an environment
that does not include communication via an open network (local communication
only), then the Multiple Logins parameter can be used to determine whether or not
multiple users will be able to communicate with the unit at the same time. If this
parameter is set to "Off" then only one user will be allowed to communicate with the
• EmailMessaging: Displays a submenu which is used to define Email Messaging
parameters as described in Section 6.8.10.
• RawSocketAccess: Enables/disables Raw Socket Protocol access to the
Network Port via Direct Connect and selects the port number for Raw Socket
Access. This item can be used to enable or disable Raw Socket Protocol access
and select either port 23 or port 3001 for use for Raw Socket connections.
• TheRawSocketAccessoptionisoftenusefulforuserswhoencounter
• Ifthe"On(23)"optionisselected,youmusteitherdisableTelnetPort23or
• WhentheRawSocketAccessoptionisenabled,youmustconnecttothe
$ telnet 3001 [Enter].
6.8.2. IP Tables
The IP Tables allow the RPC to restrict unauthorized IPv4 or IPv6 format IP addresses
from establishing inbound connections to the unit. If you wish to restrict access to the
RPC unit, you can employ the IP Tables menu to define a firewall which determines
which IP addresses will be allowed to access the RPC command mode and which IP
addresses will be denied. To define the firewall, proceed as follows:
1. Use the Text Interface or Web Browser interface to access the IP Tables menu as
described in Section 6.8.
2. When the IP Tables menu is displayed, use Linux syntax to determine which IP
address(es) will be allowed access and which IP address(es) will be denied. In
most cases, the IP Tables should allow access to administrators and deny access to
everybody else.
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