Configuration Options
The Network Configuration Menus:
The Network Configuration menus allow you to define both IPv4 parameters and IPv6
parameters for the Ethernet Port. Although there are slight differences in the manner
in which the Web Interface and Text Interface Network are organized, both interfaces
provide access to essentially the same set of network parameters (with a few noted
Since the network configuration menus must allow definition of network parameters for
two different IP protocols, parameters have been divided into two different submenus.
These submenus are accessed via the Network Selection menu.
To access the Network Selection menu, proceed as follows:
• TextInterface: Type /N* and then press [Enter] to display the Network Selection
menu. At the Network Selection menu, key in the number for the desired protocol
and then press [Enter].
• WebBrowserInterface: Click on the Network Configuration link on the left hand
side of the screen to display the Network Selection menu. When the Network
Selection menu appears, click on the desired protocol. Alternately, the Network
Configuration link's flyout menus can also be used to select the desired protocol.
The Network Selection menu offers access to two Network Configuration submenus:
• PortEth0,IPv4Protocol (Plus Shared Parameters)
• PortEth0,IPv6Protocol
Note that the RPC's Network Configuration Menus are used to define parameters that
are shared by all RPC both IP protocols, plus parameters that are specific to only one IP
protocol. Since the majority of these shared parameters are concentrated in the Eth0/
IPv4 submenu, it is recommended that when defining network parameters, to first define
the parameters found in the Shared (Eth0, IPv4,) submenu, and then proceed to the
submenu for IPv6 protocol.
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