Configuration Options
6.7. Serial Port Configuration
The Port Configuration menu allows you to select parameters for the RPC's serial
Console Port. The Console Port (Port 1) can be configured for connection to a local
PC or Modem. In addition, the Port Configuration menu (Port Parameters) can also be
used to set communications parameters, disable Administrator level commands at the
Console Port and also select a number of other parameters described below. The Port
Configuration menu allows the following parameters to be defined:
• BaudRate:Anystandardratefrom300bpsto230kbps.(Default=9600bps)
• Bits/Parity:(Default=8-None)
• StopBits:(Default=1)
• HandshakeMode: XON/XOFF, RTS/CTS (hardware), Both, or None.
• AdministratorMode: In WTI console server products, this parameter is used
to permit or deny port access to Administrator level accounts. In RPC products,
Administrator access to the serial port cannot be disabled.
• LogoffCharacter: The Logoff Character determines the command(s) or
character(s) that must be issued at this port in order to disconnect this port from
another port. Note that the Logoff Character does not apply to Direct Connections.
• SequenceDisconnect: Enables/Disables and configures the disconnect
command. This item offers the option to disable the Sequence Disconnect, select a
• InactivityTimeout: Enables and selects the Timeout Period for this port. If
enabled, the Console Port will disconnect when no additional data activity is
• CommandEcho: Enables or Disables command echo at the Console Port. When
disabled, commands that are sent to the Console Port will still be invoked, but the
• AcceptBreak: Determines whether the port will accept breaks received from the
attached device. When enabled, breaks received at the port will be passed to any
port that this port is connected to. When disabled, breaks will be refused at this
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