Configuration Options Example 2: Change Circuit A4 to Priority 2
In the second Example shown in Figure 6.2, we start out with Boot Priorities for the
circuits set as they were at the end of Example 1; Circuit A3 is first, Circuit A1 is second,
Circuit A2 is third and Circuit A4 is fourth.
Next, the Boot Priority for Circuit A4 is changed to Priority 2. This means that Circuit A3
will continue to be switched on first after a reboot, but now Circuit A4 will be switched on
second, Circuit A3 will be third and Circuit A2 will be fourth.
Once again, note that when the Boot Priority for Circuit A4 is set to 2, the Boot Priorities
for all circuits that were previously booted before circuit A4 are now lowered by a factor
of one
(Circuit No.) Priority
(A1) 2
(A2) 3
(A3) 1
(A4) 4
(Circuit No.) Priority
(A1) 3
(A2) 4
(A3) 1
(A4) 2
(Assign Circuit A4
to Priority 2)
Figure 6.2: Boot Priority Example 2
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