Configuration Options
6.6. Defining Circuit Parameters
The Circuit Parameters Menu is used to define Circuit Names, boot/sequence delay
times and Power Up Default values for each RPC switched circuit. Note that this
function is only available when you have accessed command mode using a password
that permits Administrator Level commands. The Circuit Parameters Menu allows you to
define the following parameters:
• CircuitName:(Upto24Characters,Default=undefined)
Note: CircuitNamesmustbeginwitheitheralowercasealphabeticletter
character or symbol character.
• Boot/Seq.Delay: When more than one circuit is switched On or a reboot cycle is
initiated, the Boot/Sequence delay determines how much time will elapse before
the next circuit is switched On. When the Boot/Sequence Delay is applied, the
RPC will wait for the user-defined delay period before switching On the next circuit.
When Reboot cycles and switching actions are initiated, the Boot/Sequence Delay
RebootCycleDelay: During a reboot cycle, the RPC will first switch all selected
circuits "Off" (with a 0.5 second pause between each "Off" operation), and then
begin to switch selected circuits back On again, pausing for the user-defined
Boot/Sequence Delay before switching On the next circuit. For example, if the
Boot/Sequence Delay for Circuit 3 is ten seconds, then the RPC will pause for ten
seconds before proceeding to the next circuit.
"On"SequenceDelay: When two or more circuits are switched On, the RPC
will pause for the user-defined Boot/Sequence Delay before switching the next
• PowerUpDefault: Determines how this circuit will react when the Default
command (/DPL) is invoked, or after power to the unit has been interrupted and
then restored. After the default command is invoked, or power is restored, the
RPC will automatically switch each circuit On or Off as specified by the Power-Up
• Ifyouhaveaccessedcommandmodeusinganaccountthatpermits
Administrator or SuperUser level commands, then the Default command will
be applied to all switched circuits.
• IfyouhaveaccessedcommandmodeviaanUserLevelaccount,thenthe
Default command will only be applied to circuits allowed by your account.
• TheDefaultcommandisnotavailabletoViewOnlylevelaccounts.
• BootPriority: When commands are applied to two or more circuits, the Boot
Priority parameter determines the order in which the circuits will be switched On.
The circuit that has been assigned a Boot Priority of "1" will always be switched
on first, followed by the circuit that has been assigned the Boot Priority of "2", and
so forth. When you assign a boot priority to any given circuit, then all subsequent
circuits will have their priority lowered by one. For more information on the Boot
according to Circuit Number)
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