Configuration Options
6.3. User Accounts
Each time you attempt to access command mode, you will be prompted to enter a
username and password. The username/password entered at login determine which
circuit(s) you will be allowed to control and what type of commands you will be allowed
to invoke. Each username/password combination is defined within a "user account."
The RPC allows up to 128 user accounts; each account includes a username,
password, security level, circuit access rights, service access rights and an optional
callback number.
6.3.1. Command Access Levels
In order to restrict access to important command functions, the RPC allows you to set
the command access level for each user account. The RPC offers four access levels:
Administrator, SuperUser, User and View Only. Command privileges for each account
are set using the "Access Level" parameter in the Add User or Modify User menus.
Each access level grants permission to use a different selection of commands; lower
access levels are restricted from invoking configuration commands, while Administrators
are granted access to all commands. The four different access levels are listed below:
• Administrator: Administrators are allowed to invoke all configuration and power
switching commands, can view all status screens, and can always direct switching
commands to all RPC switched circuits .
• SuperUser: SuperUsers are allowed to invoke all power switching commands and
view all status screens. SuperUsers can view configuration menus, but are not
allowed to change configuration parameters. SuperUsers are granted access to all
RPC circuits.
• User: Users are allowed to invoke power switching commands and view all status
screens, but can only apply commands to circuits that they are specifically granted
access to. In addition, Users are not allowed to view configuration menus or
change configuration parameters.
• ViewOnly: Accounts with ViewOnly access, are allowed to view Status Menus,
but are not allowed to invoke switching commands, and cannot view configuration
menus or change parameters. ViewOnly accounts can display the Circuit Status
screen, but can only view the status of circuits that are allowed by the account.
Section 17.2 summarizes command access for all four access levels.
In the default state, the RPC includes one predefined account that provides access to
Administrator commands and allows control of all RPC switched power circuits. The
default username for this account is "super" (lowercase, no quotation marks), and the
password for the account is also "super".
• Inordertoensuresecurity,itisrecommendedthatwheninitiallysettingup
the unit, a new user account with Administrator access should be created,
• IftheRPCisresettodefaultparameters,alluseraccountswillbecleared,
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