Configuration Options
• IPSMode: This parameter sets up the RPC for use with command scripts that
were written for WTI's IPS Series Remote Reboot Switches. When the IPS Mode
is enabled, the "IPS" command prompt will be displayed in the Text Mode, User
Accounts will not allow definition of a Username, and only the "password" prompt
will be displayed when logging into the unit (IPS Mode units will not display a
• The"IPS"commandpromptwillbedisplayedintheTextMode.
• ProvidingthatnoAdministratorleveluseraccountsaredefined,theRPCwillnot
display the username or password prompts upon login to
command mode.
• IfoneormoreAdministratorleveluseraccountshavebeendefined,thenthe
RPC will only display the password prompt upon login to command mode. If all
Administrator level user accounts (aside from the default "super" account) are
deleted, then the RPC will return to the status where no username or password
prompts are displayed upon login to command mode.
• EmergencyShutoff: Enables/disables the Emergency Shutoff Feature. The
Emergency Shutoff function can be used to immediately shut off all specified power
circuits on the RSM in case of emergency. For more information, please refer to
• EmergencyShutoffAutoRecovery: Enables/Disables the Emergency Shutoff
Auto Recovery feature. When enabled, following an Emergency Shutoff, all circuits
will return to the On/Off status that was selected prior to the Emergency Shutoff.
• SinglePlugBootDelayEnable: When this parameter is enabled and reboot
cycle is initiated, the RPC will pause for the currently defined Boot/Sequence Delay
value before executing the next reboot command. Note that the Boot/Sequence
Delay value is defined via the Circuit Parameters menu, as described in Section 6.6.
• U-BootPlugsEnable: When enabled, after a power interruption, the RPC will
switch on all power circuits before the RPC operating system has finished loading.
This allows power to be reapplied to connected devices such as servers and
• VoltageLossDelayOptions: Determines how the RPC will react when power to
one inlet is lost. The Voltage Loss Delay Options allow the unit to automatically turn
off circuits and delay the Lost Voltage Alarm when power to one inlet is lost.
• TurnCircuitsOffEnable: When enabled, after power to one inlet is lost, the unit
will wait for the defined Voltage Loss Delay period and then switch Off all circuits
• VoltageLossDelay: Determines how long the unit will pause before generating
a Lost Voltage Alarm and switching off the circuits after power to one of the inlets
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