Configuration Options
• WebProtection: Enables/Disables and configures the Invalid Access function
for Web connections. When this item is enabled and excessive Invalid Access
Attempts via Web are detected, then the RPC will lock out the offending MAC
address for the user-defined Web Lockout Duration Period or until the /UL
command is issued. Note that for Web protection, the lockout trigger is a function
of the Web Hit Count parameter and the Web Lockout Duration Parameter.
• LockoutEnable: Enables/Disables Invalid Access Lockout protection for web
• WebHitCount: The number of invalid attempts that must occur during the
length of time specified by the Web Lockout Duration period in order to trigger
the Invalid Access Lockout feature for Web access. For example, if the Web Hit
Count parameter is set to 10 and the Web Lockout Duration parameter is set to
30 minutes, then the RPC will lock out the offending MAC address for 30 minutes
when over 10 invalid access attempts occur during any 30 minute long period.
• WebLockoutDuration: This option selects both the length of time that a Web
Lockout will remain in effect and also the time period over which invalid access
attempts will be counted. When a Web Lockout occurs, the offending MAC
address will be prevented from establishing a Web connection to the RPC for the
6.2.3. Log Configuration
This feature allows you to create records of command activity, alarm actions and
temperature readings for the RPC unit. The Log features are enabled and configured
via the System Parameters Menus.
• AuditLog: Creates a record of all power switching at the RPC unit, including
reboots and switching caused by Load Shedding, Load Shedding Recovery,
Ping No Answer Reboots and Scheduled Reboots. Each Log record includes a
description of the activity that caused the power switching, the username for the
account that initiated the power switching or reboot and the time and date that the
power switching or reboot occurred. In addition to power switching activity, the
Audit Log will also include login/logout activity for each user account.
• AlarmLog: Creates a record of all Alarm Activity at the RPC unit. When an alarm
is triggered, the RPC will generate a record that lists the time and date of the alarm,
the name of the Alarm triggered, and a description of the Alarm.
• TemperatureLog: The Temperature Log provides a record of temperature levels
over time at the RPC unit. Each Log record will include the time and date, and the
temperature reading.
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