Basic Operation
5.5. Manual Operation
In addition to the command driven functions available via the Web Browser Interface and
Text Interface, some RPC functions can also be controlled manually. For a summary of
front panel control functions, please refer to Section 2.5.
5.6. Logging Out of Command Mode
When you have finished communicating with the RPC, it is important to always
disconnect using either the "LogOut" link (Web Browser Interface) or the /X command
(Text Interface), rather than by simply closing your browser window or communications
program. When communicating via a PDA, use the PDA's "Close" function to disconnect
and logout.
When you disconnect using the LogOut link or /X command, this ensures that the RPC
has completely exited from command mode, and is not waiting for the inactivity timeout
period to elapse before allowing additional connections.
5.7. Emergency Shut Off Function
RPC Series units also include an Emergency Shut Off function, that can be used to
immediately shut off all power circuits on an RPS Series unit in case of emergency. For
more information regarding the Emergency Shut Off feature, please contact WTI Tech
Support at service@wti.com.
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