Basic Operation
5.3.2. Applying Commands to Several Circuits - Text Interface
As described below, switching and reboot commands can be applied to only one
Switched AC Circuit, or to an assortment of circuits.
Delay times will be applied as described in Section 6.6.1.
1. SwitchSeveralCircuits: To apply a command to several circuits, enter the
numbers of the desired circuits, separated by commas or plus signs. For example
to switch circuits A1, A3, and A4 Off, enter either of the following commands:
/OFF A1+A3+A4 [Enter]
/OFF A1,A3,A4 [Enter]
2. SwitchaSeriesofCircuits: To apply a command to a series of circuits, enter the
numbers for the circuits that mark the beginning and end of the series, separated
by a colon. For example to switch On circuits A1 through A4 enter the following:
/ON A1:A4 [Enter]
3. AllCircuits: To apply a command to all circuits, enter an asterisk in place of the
name or number. For example, to Boot all circuits, enter the following:
/BO * [Enter]
applied to the circuits that are specifically allowed for that account.
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