Basic Operation
5.3. Operation via the Text Interface
When using the Text Interface, all switching functions are performed by invoking simple,
ASCII commands. ASCII commands are also used to display status screens and to log
out of command mode. The Text Interface includes a Help Menu, which summarizes all
available RPC commands. To display the Text Interface Help Menu, type /H and
press [Enter].
Note: WhentheHelpMenuisdisplayedbyaSuperUser,UserorViewOnly
level account, the screen will not include commands that are only available to
Administrator level accounts.
5.3.1. Switching and Reboot Commands - Text Interface
These commands can be used to switch or reboot the RPC’s switched circuits, and can
also be used to set circuits to the user-defined Power-Up Default values. Circuits may
be specified by name or number.
• Ifaswitchingorrebootcommandisdirectedtoacircuitthatisalreadybeing
switched or rebooted by a previous command, then the new command
• Ifanasteriskappearsinthe"Status"columnforanygivencircuit,this
• Commandsarenotcasesensitive.Allcommandsareinvokedbypressing
• WhentheCircuitControlScreenisdisplayedbyanaccountthatpermits
Administrator level command access, all switched circuits will be displayed.
• Whenyouhaveaccessedcommandmodeusinganaccountthatpermits
commands can be applied to all circuits.
• WhenyouhaveaccessedcommandmodeviaaUserlevelaccount,
specifically allowed for that account.
• Ifcommandconfirmationisenabled,theRPCwilldisplaytheStatusScreen
after commands are successfully completed.
• Whenswitchingandrebootoperationsareinitiated,Boot/SequenceDelay
times will be applied as described in Section 6.6.1.
• WhenusedinOn/Off/Rebootcommandlines,circuitnamesandcircuitgroup
names are not case sensitive.
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