Basic Operation
5.2. Controlling Power Switching - Web Browser Interface
When using the Web Browser Interface, switching commands are invoked via the Circuit
Control Screen and Circuit Group Control Screen.
5.2.1. The Circuit Control Screen - Web Browser Interface
The Circuit Control Screen lists the On/Off status of the RPC’s Switched Circuits
and is used to control switching and rebooting of the circuits. To invoke power
switching commands, first access the RPC command mode (for more information, see
Section 5.1.) After accessing command mode, click on the "Circuit Control" link on the
left hand side of the screen to display the Circuit Control Screen.
When the Circuit Control Screen appears, click the down arrow in the "Action" column
for the desired circuit(s), then select the desired switching option from the dropdown
menu and click on the "Confirm Circuit Actions" button.
When the "Confirm Circuit Actions" button is pressed, the RPC will display a screen
which lists the selected action(s) and asks for confirmation before proceeding. To
implement the selected action(s), click on the "Execute Circuit Actions" button. The
RPC will display a screen which indicates that a switching operation is in progress, then
display the Circuit Status screen when the command is complete. At that time, the
Status Screen will list the updated On/Off status of each circuit.
• Whenswitchingandrebootoperationsareinitiated,Boot/SequenceDelay
times will be applied as described in Section 6.6.1.
• Ifaswitchingorrebootcommandisdirectedtoacircuitthatisalreadyinthe
additional commands.
• IftheStatuscolumnintheCircuitControlScreenincludesanasterisk,this
• WhentheCircuitControlScreenisdisplayedbyanaccountthatpermits
Administrator or SuperUser level commands, all switched circuits will be
• WhentheCircuitControlScreenisdisplayedbyaUserlevelaccount,the
screen will only include the switched circuits that are allowed by the account.
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