Basic Operation
To access command mode via the Text Interface, proceed as follows:
1. Contact the RPC Unit:
a) ViaLocalPC: Start your communications program and press [Enter]. Wait
for the connect message, then proceed to Step 2.
b) ViaNetwork: The RPC includes a default IP address ( and a
default subnet mask ( This allows you to contact the unit from
any network node on the same subnet, without first assigning an IP Address to
the unit. For more information, please refer to Section 6.8.
i. ViaSSHClient: Start your SSH client, and enter the RPC IP Address.
Invoke the connect command, wait for the connect message, then
proceed to Step 2.
ii. ViaTelnet: Start your Telnet Client, and then Telnet to the RPC IP Address.
Wait for the connect message, then proceed to Step 2.
c) ViaModem: Use your communications program to dial the number for the
external modem which you have connected to the RPC Setup Port.
2. Login/PasswordPrompt: A message will be displayed, which prompts you to
enter a username (login name) and password. The default username is "super" (all
lower case, no quotes), and the default password is also "super".
3. If a valid username and password are entered, the RPC will display the Plug Status
4. Once you have accessed the Text Interface, you can then control power switching
functions as described in Section 5 or select configuration parameters as described
in Section 6.
5.1.3. The WMU Enterprise Management Solution
The WMU Enterprise Management Solution provides a centralized interface that can be
used to configure, manage and control multiple WTI out-of-band management devices
spread throughout a large corporate network infrastructure. When installed at your
network operation center or support facility, the WMU eliminates the need to individually
access WTI units in order to perform firmware updates, control power switching
functions, edit user accounts and perform other management and control functions.
The WMU software and user's guide can be downloaded at:
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