5. Basic Operation
The RPC offers two separate command interfaces; the Web Browser Interface and
the Text Interface. Both interfaces offer essentially the same command options and
features, and in most cases, parameters defined via the Web Browser Interface will also
apply when communicating via the Text Interface (and vice versa.)
5.1. Communicating with the RPC Unit
In order to control and configure the RPC, you must first connect to the unit, and access
command mode. Note that, the RPC offers two separate command interfaces; the Web
Browser Interface and the Text Interface.
In addition, the RPC also offers three different methods for accessing command mode;
via network, via external modem, or via local console. The Web Browser interface is
only available via network, and the Text Interface is available via network (SSH or Telnet),
modem or local PC.
5.1.1. The Web Browser Interface
The Web Browser Interface consists of a series of web forms, which can be used to
select configuration parameters and perform power switching operations, by clicking on
buttons and/or entering text into designated fields.
1. Start your JavaScript enabled Web Browser, key the RPC IP address
2. Username/PasswordPrompt: A message box will prompt you to enter your
username and password. The default username is "super" (all lower case, no
quotes), and the default password is also "super".
3. If a valid username and password are entered, the Circuit Control Screen will be
4. Once you have accessed the Web Browser Interface, you can then control power
switching functions as described in Section 5 or select configuration parameters as
described in Section 6.
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