Hardware Overview
4.6. Connecting the Network Cable
The Network Port is an RJ45 Ethernet jack, for connection to a TCP/IP network. Connect
your 10Base-T cable to the Network Port. Note that the RPC includes a default IP
address ( and a default subnet mask ( When installing
the RPC in a working network environment, it is recommended to define network
parameters as described in Section 6.8.
interface, most router switches will autosense to determine if the device is
4.7. Output Terminal Fuses (RPC-40L8A4 Series Units Only)
On RPC-40L8A4 series units, each output terminal includes four fuses; one for each
circuit on the output terminal. For further details regarding detecting blown fuses and
changing fuses, please refer to Section 3.2.3 in this user's guide.
4.8. Connecting to the Alarm Inputs (RPC-40L8A4 Series Units Only)
The RPC-40L8A4 back panel includes four alarm inputs, designed for connection to
door open alarms or other dry contact alarms. For further details regarding connecting
devices to the Alarm Inputs, please refer to Section 3.2.4 in this user's guide.
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