Getting Started
3.2.4. Connecting to the Alarm Inputs (RPC-40L8A4 Units Only)
The RPC-40L8A4 back panel includes four alarm inputs, designed for connection to
door open alarms or other dry contact alarms. Each + pin supplies positive DC voltage
DC, +24 V DC units provide +24 V DC and +12 V DC units provide +12 V DC.)
Note that when the RPC-40L8A4 unit is shipped from the factory, the removable alarm
input connectors are enclosed in separate plastic bag, included in the shipping box and
must be installed by the user.
When connecting wires to alarm inputs, make certain each wire is properly seated and
firmly held in place by the retaining screw. As shown in Figure 3.4, in order to properly
seat the wire the retaining screw must be turned counter-clockwise until the metal "gate"
in the wire hole is open. If the metal gate is closed, the wire will not seat properly. After
inserting the wires, tighten both screws to secure the wires to the connector and snap
the connector in place on the back panel of the RPC-40L8A4 unit.
Caution: Do not over tighten the retaining screws. The recommended
maximum torque is 4.5 lbf-in (72 ozf-in.)
Input CurrentOutput Current:
+48, +24 or
+12 V DC
+ -
Gate Open Gate Closed
Alarm Wire
14 to 24 Gauge
Strip 0.25 Inch
(6.35 mm)
Figure 3.4: Connecting to the Alarm Inputs (RPC-40L8A4 Series Units Only)
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