Command Reference Guide
/U Send Parameters to File
Sends all RPC configuration parameters to an ASCII text file as described in Section 15.
This allows you to back up the configuration of your RPC unit.
Availability: Administrator
Format: /U [Enter]
/K Send SSH Key
Instructs the RPC to provide you with a public SSH key for validation purposes. This
public key can then be provided to your SSH client, in order to prevent the SSH client
from warning you that the user is not recognized when you attempt to create an SSH
connection. For more information, please refer to Section 10.
Availability: Administrator
Format: /K k [Enter]
Where k is a required argument, which indicates the key type. The k argument
provides the following options: 1 (SSH1), 2 (SSH2 RSA), 3 (SSH2 DSA.)
/UL Unlock Port (Invalid Access Lockout)
Manually cancels the RPC’s Invalid Access Lockout feature. Normally, when a series of
failed login attempts are detected, the Invalid Access Lockout feature can shut down the
network port for a user specified time period in order to prevent further access attempts.
When the /UL command is invoked, the RPC will immediately unlock all network ports
that are currently in the locked state.
Availability: Administrator
Format: /UL [Enter]
Response: Unlocks the RPC's RS232 Console Port.
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