3. Getting Started
This Quick Start Guide describes a simplified installation procedure for the RPC, which
will allow you to communicate with the unit in order to demonstrate basic features and
check for proper operation.
• ThereareseparateHardwareInstallationproceduresforRPC-4850series
• ThisQuickStartGuidedoesnotdescribeunitconfigurationordiscuss
3.1. Hardware Installation - RPC-4850 Series Units
3.1.1. Apply Power to the RPC-4850
Refer to power rating nameplate on the back panel, and then connect the RPC-4850
series unit to an appropriate power source as shown in Figure 4.1.
The RPC-4850 features two separate DC inputs; connect power wires to the unit's Circuit
"A" and/or Circuit "B" terminal blocks, then connect the wires to an appropriate power
supply. Note that it is not necessary to connect power to both input circuits; either
circuit will supply power for operation and control functions. However, when power is
connected to both circuits, this allows the second circuit to function as a back-up in the
event of a power outage. The ON LED should light, and the RDY LED should begin to
flash. This indicates that the RPC-4850 is ready to receive commands.
Note that each individual output circuit will support up to 15 Amps maximum, and that
the total for all eight circuits cannot exceed 50 Amps.
3.1.2. Connect your PC to the RPC-4850
The RPC can either be controlled by a local PC, that communicates with the unit via
cable, controlled via external modem, or controlled via TCP/IP network. Note that it is
not necessary to connect to both the Network and Console Ports, and that the Console
Port can be connected to either a local PC or External Modem.
• NetworkPort: Connect your 10Base-T or 100Base-T network interface to the RPC
Network port.
• ConsolePort: Use the null modem cable supplied with the unit to connect your PC
COM port to the RPC Console (RS232) Port.
• ExternalModem: Use a standard AT or modem cable to connect your external
modem to the RPC's Console (RS232) Port.
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