Command Reference Guide
/OFF Switch Circuit(s) OFF
Switches selected circuits(s) or Circuit Group(s) Off, as described in Section 5.3.2.
When the /OFF command is used to switch more than one circuit, Boot/Sequence Delay
Period will be applied as described in Section 6.6. The /OFF command can also be
entered as /OF.
Availability: Administrator, SuperUser, User
Format: /OFF <s>[,Y] [Enter] or /OF <s>[,Y] [Enter]
s The number or name of the circuit(s) or Circuit Group(s) that you intend to
Switch Off. To apply the command to several circuits, enter a plus sign (+)
between each circuit number. To apply the command to a range of
circuits, enter the numbers for the first and last circuits in the range,
separated by a colon character (:). To apply the command to all circuits
allowed by your account, enter an asterisk character (*).
,Y (Optional) Suppresses the command confirmation prompt.
Assume that your account allows access to Circuit A2 and Circuit A3. To switch
Circuits A2 and A3 on your local RPC unit Off, without displaying the optional command
confirmation prompt, invoke either of the following command lines:
/OFF A2+A3,Y [Enter]or /OF A2+A3,Y [Enter]
/DPL Set All Circuits to Default States
Sets all switched circuits to their user-defined default state. For information on setting
circuit defaults, please refer to Section 6.6.
command will only be applied to the circuits that are allowed by the account.
Availability: Administrator, SuperUser, User
Format: /DPL[,Y] [Enter]
Where ,Y is an optional command argument, which can be included to suppress the
command confirmation prompt.
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