Command Reference Guide
/H Help
Displays a Help Screen, which lists all available Text Interface commands along with a
brief description of each command.
access level.
Availability: Administrator, SuperUser, User, ViewOnly
Format: /H [Enter]
/L Log Functions
Provides access to a menu which allows you to display the Audit Log, Alarm Log and
Temperature Log. For more information on Log Functions, please refer to Section 6.2.3.
Availability: Administrator, SuperUser
Format: /L [Enter]
/AS Alarm Status Screen
Lists all available user-defined alarms and indicates whether or not each alarm has been
triggered as described in Section 9.7. The resulting screen will display "Yes" (or 1) for
alarms that have been triggered or "No" (or 0) for alarms that have not been triggered.
If desired, the /AS command line can also include an optional alarm argument that will
cause the unit to display the status of one individual alarm as shown in the table below:
AlarmName AlarmArgument
Over Temperature (Initial) OTI
Over Temperature (Critical) OTC
Open Circuit Breaker CBO
Ping No Answer PNA
Serial Port Invalid Access Lockout LO
Power Cycle (Cold Boot) CB
Lost Voltage (Line In) VL
No Dialtone ND
Emergency Shutoff ES
Availability: Administrator
Format: /AS [alarm] [Enter]
Where alarm is an optional argument, which can be used to display the status of an
individual alarm as shown in the table above.
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