Upgrading MPC Firmware
3. When the command prompt appears, type /UF and then press [Enter]. The RPC
will display a screen which offers the following options:
a) StartFTP/SFTPServersOnly(DoNOTdefaultparameters): To proceed
with the upgrade, while retaining user-defined parameters, type 1 and press
[Enter]. All existing parameter settings will be restored when the upgrade is
b) StartFTP/SFTPServers&Default(KeepIPparameters&SSHKeys): To
proceed with the upgrade and default all user-defined parameters except for
the IP Parameters and SSH Keys, type 2 and press [Enter]. When the upgrade
is complete, all parameter settings except the IP Parameters and SSH Keys,
will be reset to factory default values.
c) StartFTP/SFTPServers&Default(DefaultALLparameters): To proceed
with the upgrade, and reset parameters to default settings, type 3 and press
[Enter]. When the upgrade is complete, all parameters will be set to default
d) StartFTP/SFTPServersforSlipStreamUpgrade: This option will upgrade
only the WTI Management Utility, without updating the RPC's operating
firmware. To update the WTI Management Utility only, type 4 and press
Note that after any of the above options is selected, the RPC will start the receiving
servers and wait for an FTP/SFTP client to make a connection and upload a valid
firmware binary image.
4. To proceed with the upgrade, select the desired option. The RPC will display a
message that indicates that the unit is waiting for data. Leave the current Telnet/
SSH client session connected at this time.
5. Open your FTP/SFTP application and (if you have not already done so,) login to the
RPC unit, using a username and password that permit access to Administrator
level commands.
6. Transfer the md5 format upgrade file to the RPC.
7. After the file transfer is complete, the RPC will install the upgrade file and then
reboot itself and break all port connections. Note that it will take approximately 10
minutes to complete the installation process. The unit will remain accessible until it
a) Some FTP/SFTP applications may not automatically close when the file transfer
is complete. If this is the case, you may close your FTP/SFTP client manually
after it indicates that the file has been successfully transferred.
b) When the upgrade process is complete, the RPC will send a message to all
currently connected network sessions, indicating that the RPC is going down
for a reboot.
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