16. Upgrading RPC Firmware
When new, improved versions of the RPC firmware become available, either the
Firmware Upgrade Utility (recommended) or the "Upgrade Firmware" function (Text
Interface only) can be used to update the unit. The following section describes the
procedure for updating the RPC unit using the Firmware Upgrade Utility or the Upgrade
Firmware function.
16.1. WMU Enterprise Management Software (Recommended)
The preferred method for updating RPC units is via the WMU Enterprise Management
Software that is included with the unit. The WMU software allows you to manage
firmware updates for multiple WTI units from a single interface. For a description of the
process for managing firmware updates via the WMU, please refer to the WMU user's
guide, which can be downloaded from the WTI User's Guide Archive at:
Note that in order to use the WMU software, the firmware version for the RPC must be at
least v1.48 or higher. When upgrading older RPC units that feature pre v1.48 firmware,
it is recommended to use the WTI Firmware Upgrade Utility. A zip file that contains the
installation files and other documentation for the WTI Firmware Upgrade Utility can be
downloaded from WTI's FTP server, located at:
Please refer to the documentation included in the zip file for further instructions.
16.2. The Upgrade Firmware Function (Alternate Method)
The Upgrade Firmware function provides an alternative method for updating the RPC
firmware. Updates can be uploaded via FTP or SFTP protocols.
• TheFTP/SFTPserverscanonlybestartedviatheTextInterface.
• Allotherportswillremainactiveduringthefirmwareupgradeprocedure.
• Iftheupgradeincludesnewparametersorfeaturesnotincludedinthe
previous firmware version, these new parameters will be set to their default
• Theupgradeprocedurewillrequireapproximately15minutes.
1. Obtain the update file. Firmware modifications can either be mailed to the
customer, or downloaded from WTI. Place the upgrade CDR in your disk drive or
copy the file to your hard drive.
2. Access Text Interface command mode via Serial Port, Telnet or SSH client session,
using a username/password and port that permit Administrator level commands.
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