Saving and Restoring Configuration Parameters
15.1.2. Downloading & Saving Parameters via Web Browser Interface
The Web Browser Interface also includes a download function that can be used to save
RPC parameters to an XML format file on your PC or laptop. To save parameters via the
Web Browser Interface, proceed as follows:
• AlthoughRPCparameterscanbesavedtoafileviaeithertheTextInterface
• Thisproceduremaydifferslightly,dependingontheoperatingsystemand
1. Access the Web Browser Interface command mode using an account that permits
Administrator level commands.
2. When the Web Browser Interface appears, click on the "Download Unit
Configuration" button on the left hand side of the screen.
3. After a brief pause, your browser may display a prompt asking if you want to open
or save the downloaded file. At this point, you can either select the "Save" option to
save the parameters file to the download folder on your PC, or select "Save As" to
pick a different location and/or filename for the saved parameters file.
15.2. Restoring Saved Parameters
This section describes the procedure for using your terminal emulation program to send
saved parameters to the RPC.
1. Start your terminal emulation program and access the RPC’s Text Interface
command mode using an account that permits Administrator level commands.
2. Configure your terminal emulation program to upload an ASCII text file.
3. Upload the ASCII text file with the saved RPC parameters. If necessary, key in the
file name and directory path.
4. Your terminal emulation program will send the ASCII text file to the RPC. When the
terminal program is finished with the upload, make certain to terminate the Upload
contents of the parameters file, correct the problem, and then repeat the Upload
5. If the parameter upload is successful, the RPC will send a confirmation message,
and then return to the command prompt. Type /S and press [Enter], the Status
Screen will be displayed. Check the Status Screen to make certain the unit has
been configured with the saved parameters.
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