Operation via SNMP
13.5. Viewing RPC Status via SNMP
Status of various components of the RPC can be retrieved via SNMP. Circuit Status, and
Environmental Status are currently supported.
13.5.1. System Status - Ethernet Port Mac Addresses
The Mac Address for the Ethernet Port can be displayed using the command below:
• environmentUnitTable::environmentMacEth0 The Mac Address for
Ethernet Port 0.
13.5.2. Circuit Status
The status of each circuit in the system can be retrieved using the command below.
• plugTable::plugStatus – The status of the circuit.
0 – Circuit is OFF
1 – Circuit is ON
• plugTable::plugName - String indicating the circuit's user-defined name.
13.5.3. Unit Environment Status
The temperature reading can be retrieved from the RPC unit.
• environmentUnitTable::environmentUnitName – The unit (LOCAL.)
• environmentUnitTable::environmentUnitTemperature – The temperature
of the given unit.
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