The Status Screens
9.7. The Alarm Status Screen
The Alarm Status Screen lists all available user-defined alarms and indicates whether
or not each alarm has been triggered. The resulting screen will display "Yes" (or 1) for
alarms that have been triggered or "No" (or 0) for alarms that have not been triggered.
If desired, the /AS command line can also include an optional alarm argument that will
cause the unit to display the status of one individual alarm.
To display the Alarm Status Screen via the Text Interface, type /AS and press [Enter].
For a list of alarm arguments, please refer to Section 17.3.1.
9.8. The Serial Port Parameters Screen
The /W (Who) command displays more detailed information about the RPC's Serial Port.
Rather than listing general connection information, the Port Parameters screen lists all
defined parameters for the Serial port. To display the Serial Port Parameters Screen,
type /W and press [Enter].
The /W command uses the following format:
/W xx [Enter]
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