/T Reset Network Port
Resets the NIC card, and breaks the network connection to the
unit. Note that when this command is invoked, the network
connection will be reset without warning, and must then be
reestablished in order to communicate with the unit via Network.
Availability: Supervisor Only
Format: /T [Enter]
Response: None (NIC Card is reset, Network Connection
is broken)
/TELNET Outbound Telnet
Initiates an outbound telnet session from the CMS command
mode. For more information on outbound Telnet connections,
please refer to Section 8.4.
Availability: Supervisor/User
Format: /TELNET <ip>[port][raw] [Enter]
ip is the target IP address (required.)
port is the desired TCP port number
(optional, default = 23.)
raw initiates the Telnet connection in Raw Socket Mode
(optional, default = standard Telnet mode.)
Example: To establish an outbound Telnet connection to a
device at the IP address "", port 2001, using raw socket
mode, access the CMS command mode using either the
Supervisor password or currently defined outbound Telnet
password, and type /TELNET 2001 raw
/U Save Parameters
Sends CMS configuration parameters to an ASCII text file as
described in Section 9.
Availability: Supervisor Only
Format: /U [Enter]
Response: The CMS will send a series of command lines.
CMS-16 / CMS-8 User's Guide
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