/F Set System Parameters
Displays a menu which is used to define the Site ID message and
Supervisor Password. When the Supervisor Password is defined,
the CMS will display a password prompt before allowing access
to command mode. For more information, refer to Section 5.4.
Note: Make certain to record your Supervisor
Password for future reference. If the Supervisor
Password is lost or forgotten, you will not be able to
access Supervisor Level commands.
Availability: Supervisor Only
Format: /F [Enter]
Response: Displays System Parameters Menu
/H Help
Displays a Help Screen, which lists all CMS commands along
with a brief description of each command.
Availability: Supervisor / User
Format: /H [Enter]
Response: Displays Help Screen. Note that the User Level Help
Screen does not include Supervisor Level Commands.
/I Default and Test
Tests internal memory and initializes the unit with the default
parameters specified by the Option Switches.
CAUTION: When /I is invoked, the CMS will
revert to the parameters specified by the Option
Switches. Command selected parameters will be
Availability: Supervisor Only
Format: /I[/Y] [Enter]
Where /Y is a command option used to suppress the
"Sure?" prompt.
Verbose: "Are You Sure (y/n)?", if Y, memory test and
initialization begins.
Terse: 5, if Y, memory test and initialization begins.
Command Reference Guide
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